Finely-woven sounds of Fusion-Jazz



Martin Stehl, producer and award-winning multi-instrumentalist presents his original sophisticated debut album using blended consistent arrangements, incisive rhythms and intense melodies all infused with modern elements. Renowned musicians Torsten de Winkel (guitar) and Frank Spaniol (saxophone), are featured, along with many guest players who display their exceptional improvisations to ennoble this unique recording.


„These songs are the result of the finely-woven sounds of Fusion- and occasionally Latin influenced style with a light dance impact reminiscent of the song Hypnotize. The focus here lies clearly on the creation of a velvety and flawless production devoid of any rough edges that simply sparkles. One is captured by Stehl's work, expertly crafted in a loose relaxed manner and is totally captivating." (Publication Drum Magazine: Drums & Percussion, Germany)

„Saxophone lovers and audio-gourmets alike are rewarded as they enjoy listening to the melodic jazz compositions that flow gently into their ears as one luxuriates in a relaxed jazz-fusion ambiance.“ (Newspaper review: Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine, Germany)

„The multi-instrumentalist understands that instruments in these songs are brought to the fore, and thus keeping the sound of the album alive.“ (Publication Drum Magazine: Drum Heads!!, Germany)

„A perfect album for warm summer nights.“ (Jazz Magazine: Jazz Drummer World, Switzerland)

Martin Stehl

Torsten De Winkel - E. Guitar, E. Sitar
Frank Spaniol - Tenor Sax
Daniel Stelter - E. & A. Guitar
Sven Claussen - E. Guitar
Ralf Cetto - E. Bass
Isabelle Bodenseh - Flute
Jochen Engel - Saxes
Martin Stehl - Composer, Producer,
E. Piano, Synth, Vibes, Guitar,
Drums & Percussion

  • A Beautiful Day
  • Off-Grid Home
  • Springtide
  • Jankas Eyes
  • Unexpected Turn
  • The Way of Living
  • Song for Ewa
  • Go for a Spin
  • Hypnotize
  • Everything Comes Back Again