A real musicians performer, Martin Stehl is actually a drummer & pianist since the early teenage years with interest in different music styles and thus explains his composing side as well in the Pop, House, Jazz and Chillout genres. What is key for his work is blending not only electronica styles together but also live instruments through his filtering talents which make the two elements come through seamlessly in the end. This is true artwork in sound design.


Always fond of well-made songs, his earliest interest was in creating and producing songs in the popmusic genre for over a decade, while becoming more relevant as he illustrated his production style under his alias name of Steely M. Using this name for original commercial compositions as well for diversity production tasks, he was also involved with Frank Farians acts like La Bouche and No Mercy plus artist such as Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown, Niki Haris, Tania Evans, Sabrina Johnson, Spike, Deskee and many more. For some time past Martin is focussing on creating original compositions in the genre of Chillout, Lounge & Ambient.