Original compositions in different styles and atmospheres

Always fond of well-made songs, his earliest interest was in creating and producing songs in the popmusic genre for over a decade, while becoming more relevant as he illustrated his production style under his alias name of Steely M. Using this name for original commercial compositions as well for diversity production tasks, he was also involved with Frank Farians acts like La Bouche and No Mercy plus artist such as Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown, Niki Haris, Tania Evans, Sabrina Johnson, Spike, Deskee and many more to create house compatible remixes. For some time he is focussing on creating original songs in the genre of Deep House, Chillout & Ambient and these works are released by record labels such as:


BMG | Café del Mar | Sine Music | Sony Music | Universal Music | Warner Music



Cool Off Chillout Vol.4 (Sine Music) features the recently created "Into The Light" (19.08.2016)


A further release for the Café del Mar series: Sunset Soundtrack Vol.3 "You Two" (29.02.2016).

"Spaces" is part on the Chillbar Vol.4 (Sine Music, 19.02.2016).

"On The Go" is now on the Autumn Time Vol.3 (SIne Music, 23.10.2015).


"12 Peaks" is on the Café del Mar Sunset Soundtrack 2 and will arrive at the 08.05.2015.


Spring Chill Vol.3 (Sine Music) is available with 3 Songs of mine: "Ascending", Elegant Gentry" & "Footprints" (25.04.2015).


A new release is on the Sine Music - Offline Vol.1 album: "A Fleeting Glance" (24.10.2014).


My brand new "Grainsville" is on the Café del Mar Sunset Soundtrack CD (9.5.2014).


Lufthansa included "Summer Breeze" to their In-flight entertainment Lounge Channel (19.03.2014)


"Sunrise" is now on the Digital Vapor Chillbeat Vol.2 CD (26.2.2014).

"Last Night" and "Under The Rainbow" are released on the More Music I Love Chillout Vol.1 double CD (14.2.2014).

My new song "Last Night" is present on the Café del Mar Dreams 6 CD (15.11.2013).

"Summer Breeze" is part of the recently released Café del Mar Vol. 19 double CD (28.6.2013).


Music productions for national and international record labels

  • BMG
  • Cafe del Mar
  • Sine Music
  • Sony Music
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music
  • 12 Peaks (Cafe Del Mar - Sunset Soundtrack 2)
  • Summer Breeze (Cafe del Mar Vol. 19)
  • Last Night (Cafe del Mar - Dreams 6)
  • Grainsville (Cafe Del Mar - Sunset Soundtrack)
  • Ascending (Sine Music - Spring Chill Vol.3)
  • Elegant Gentry (Sine Music - Spring Chill Vol.3)
  • Footprints (Sine Music - Spring Chill Vol.3)
  • A Fleeting Glance (Sine Music - Offline Vol.1)
  • Under The Rainbow (More Music - I Love Chillout 1)
  • Sunrise (Digital Vapor - Chillbeat Vol.2)
  • Meditation (CAPP Records - 50 Chillout Tunes Vol.1)